Hair 101

Here's just a bunch of tips that I've come up with over the years of doing hair.  Remember - I'm no professional!  I've just got 3 little heads of hair I deal with each day & this is my take on it all!

★    Start doing your little one’s hair as soon as they have any - or not! Whether it’s putting headbands on  their little bald head or making 1 little “spout” on top.  If it’s the “norm” from the day they are born it makes for easier going as they get older.

★    Not all hair is created equal!  You might be able to do a hairdo on one little girl, but not another the same age.

★    There is more out there than a ponytail!

★    Be patient with yourself & your daughter!

★    Have something for them to play with to pre-occupy them while you are “working” or turn on a show  for them to watch while you do their hair. I like to have my girls up on my bathroom counter, so the space is limited where they can go while I’m combing their hair!  Put them in their high chair, give them a snack or something if you like.

★    If your daughter is younger, get used to working on a moving target!  It's ok if your parts aren't straight!  That's why there's zig-zag parts, right?! :)

★    Working with damp hair is my key to working with hair. Keep a spray bottle w/water on hand.  It helps a ton with fly-away’s.

★    It’s ok to use product to help keep hair in place (that's just my opinion!)- whether it be mousse, hair spray or pomade, gel, etc.  It definitely helps with fly-away’s and keeps it looking nicer all day long.  If you don't want to use product, don't expect it to stay in place to much!

★    Don’t be afraid to be original - and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Make the hair do your own!

★    Depending on what you are doing - it does take patience & practice!

★    Remember, it’s the time spent with your daughter that’s the most important . . . not so much the hairdo!

Also, here's a link to all the miscellaneous tips I add to my blog periodically.  Click HERE for those. 

(last updated 2/8/10)